Why Fish at Night?

  • It is cooler!
  • You can go to a movie then go fishing!
  • You can go to dinner then go fishing!
  • Take the kids to the Track, then go fishing!

We offer seasonal three hour night fishing charters.  This charter is very popular for families who are on vacation or those who want to avoid fishing in the heat of the day.  Your family can go to dinner, catch a movie, or go to the amusement park and still have time to work in a fishing trip before you go to bed.  

Our night trips depart at 9 PM from the SanRoc Cay Marina in Orange Beach, AL and consists of fishing the lights of the shoreline piers and the numerous inshore and near shore underwater reefs in the Orange Beach area.  Our night trips have very little travel time due to the close proximity of the outstanding night fishing structures that are close to the marina.

We also offer catch and release night shark fishing trips.  The night shark trips usually depart at 8 PM and are 4 hour trips. Please book all shark trips at least 24 hours in advance to allow for fresh chum.

The depart time for night fishing charters can be adjusted to accommodate your schedule.

At Alabama Coastal Charters we love kids!  Due to the low light conditions we request no more than two children on night fishing charters.  There must be one adult per child  under 13 years of age.

​Night Fishing