At Alabama Coastal Charters we LOVE kids!  This charter is fun for everyone but it was designed for families with children. Your children will receive personal attention from the captain and will have an opportunity to assist "hands on" in the shrimping process.  They will have the opportunity to drive the boat with the captain and get their picture taken.  When the net is retrieved, the captain will pour the catch into the sorting bin.  After removing all potentially harmful sea life your children can assist in sorting the catch.  During the sorting process, we make an effort to teach and educate as much as possible about the sea life in the sorting bin, birds overhead, and dolphins beside the boat.  A typical catch will have shrimp, squid, and many different varieties of fish in the net.   It is not uncommon to catch crabs, sting rays, and an occasional shark. 

When the net is being pulled, the dolphins hear the sound of the net cutting through the water and they know that is the sound of the dinner bell. They will often follow behind the net and will follow the catch right to the boat.  Although the law doesn't allow for hand feeding the dolphins or birds, their instinct is to stay close to the boat during the sorting process. This presents an excellent opportunity for close up pictures!   

At Alabama Coastal Charters, we try hard to make this a very memorable experience for your family.  We have had many customers tell us this shrimping charter was the highlight of their child's vacation.

When the charter is over we will bag the shrimp and they are our free gift to you!

Bring your Camera!!!!

Great for kids!!!!