There are few sunsets that compare to the sun setting over Orange Beach, Alabama.  As you can see from the pictures this is the view we enjoy everyday.  The cloud patterns change daily so you can expect a unique and ever changing sunset on every cruise.  

Our sunset dolphin cruise lasts 1 1/2 hours and takes place in the calm back bay waters near Orange Beach, Alabama. Our sunset dolphin cruise is unique in several ways.  First, our cruise is private and the captain will provide detailed information related to the area's historic and local attractions.  Second, we offer the opportunity to pull a shrimp net behind the boat while you are enjoying the setting sun.  The dolphins hear the net as it is pulled through the water and they know that means dinner. The dolphins will follow behind or beside the net as it is being pulled and when it is retrieved, they will follow the net to the boat.   The law prohibits hand feeding the dolphins or birds but when the sorting begins you will experience a unique up close encounter with both the dolphins and birds.  We often have dozens of seabirds and multiple dolphins around the boat while the catch is being sorted. Don't forget your camera!  

When your sunset cruise is complete your Alabama CoastalCharters captain will bag your shrimp and give them to you as a free gift.  This is our small way of saying  thank you for sharing the sunset with us!